Public vs Private

Somehow in recent time the concepts of public and private have become flipped. This was accelerated by Facebook and their confusing and changing privacy settings.  Their business model is to get or trick people to entry data into Facebook’s marketing database that they sell/give to other companies or is used to target advertising to you.  Also collecting so much information makes companies a target for hackers.

Private information that a person generates in the modern world should be under the control of the person who originates the data. We should also get to decide who can use our information, for how long and for how much payment.  People should not be treated like sheep waiting to be fleeced!

Public information such as how taxes are collected and spent should be public. Dick Cheney (VP USA 2001-2009) refused to release internal office documents, citing his executive privilege to deny congressional information requests, hiding much of the information of what he did in a public office.  Dick Cheney worked for the American people, but how can we know if he is doing a good job if he can hide what he does to/for us.  This makes America more an autocracy than a democracy!

Author: Dirk Huizenga

Founder of Denver Center for Democracy.