Who gets to vote and who doesn’t

As our country approaches a presidential election in 2024, access to voting is changing at the state level.  A 2022 investigation from The Center for Public Integrity found over half the states in the United States of America had made access to voting worse than it had been previously.  Slightly less than half of the states had improved access to voting for their citizens. A handful of states remained unchanged.

The map below show which states changed which way.  Clicking on a state will open a state report on The Center for Public Integrity‘s web site.


The tactics to limit access range from removing voters from the rolls, to closing polling places in some areas, to gerrymandering. Gerrymander has negative connotations, and gerrymandering is almost always considered a corruption of the democratic process.  The Princeton’s Gerrymandering Project gave Florida an F grade on their 2022 congressional redistricting.

Gerrymandering Project map
Gerrymandering Project’s Report Card map

Democracy requires people voting to function well, but some people want to wipe out your vote! Find out what is happening in your state and make sure you vote counts.